Suspension 101: What You Should Know

The Essentials of Your Vehicle’s Suspension

When vehicle owners think about the essential parts and systems within their vehicle, the suspension system comes first to mind. Without a functional suspension system, your driving experience would be extremely uncomfortable and frustrating, which you don’t want from a vehicle. But even though vehicle owners know the suspension is important, many need to learn what it does or what makes up the system. Often vehicle owners don’t realize that after an accident, the suspension is something that needs to be inspected. If you’ve been involved in an accident, let the experts at Showtime Collision take a look at your inspection. The more you know about your suspension and how it works, the better you’ll be at protecting and maintaining it.

What Do They Do?

What exactly does the suspension system do? In lay terms, the system helps optimize friction between the tires and the road to help you maintain optimal control and redistributes weight during cornering to prevent rollovers. The suspension also helps absorb much of the impact your vehicle experiences, from rough gravel roads to potholes. When performing properly, your drives should be smooth no matter what you’re driving over, and you should have complete control and handling of your vehicle.

What Makes Up a Suspension?

There are several parts that make up the suspension system, but the main things you should focus on are the springs and dampers. The springs are composed of coil springs, air springs, and leaf springs. As for the dampers, they’re made up of shock absorbers, struts, and anti-sway bars. Although many parts of the system are considered important, the springs and dampers are essential. They help maintain proper vehicle height and absorb any impact your car experiences. If your vehicle’s suspension suffers from any problems or has been in a collision, these parts could fail.

Showtime Collision – Running Springs’ Suspension Experts

By knowing a little more about the suspension system, you’re taking another step towards protecting it for the long haul. And if your suspension requires basic maintenance or advanced repairs, trust that the team at Showtime Collision in Running Springs, CA, can get the job done right the first time. Call 909.867.7025 today to schedule an appointment!

Written by Showtime Collision