Car Frame Repair in Running Springs, CA

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Depending on the severity, it may not be evident at first if there is frame damage after a collision. In severe accidents, the extent of the damage will be very visible but in certain situations, structural misalignments may not be apparent. Some vehicles needing structural repairs after an accident can still drive under their own power, while others can’t even roll onto the bed of a tow truck. In both cases, correcting any damage your car frame has experienced — whether a traditional frame or unibody structure — is our top safety concern and priority. At Showtime Collision in Running Springs, California, our technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic and frame measuring equipment plus their 35+ years of experience to assess structural integrity. If you’re concerned about your vehicle frame, we have a team of experts ready to perform an inspection and create a safe repair plan to restore your vehicle after an accident. If you already know you’re in need of car frame repair after an accident, call 909.867.7025 for an appointment today.


Your vehicle’s frame will fall into one of two categories. The most popular in recent years, a unibody construction, is when the frame and the body are one integrated, unitized structure. On these vehicles, the vehicle's body is broken into sections oftentimes made of different types of steel, metal, and other composite materials) so that, if there is damage, it may be straightened, repaired, or replaced individually, section by section. An important and interesting attribute of unibody construction are the crumple zones built into every vehicle. These areas are strategically made to collapse, or "crumple" under an impact to control the direction of the force and transfer energy to protect the most vital parts of the mechanical components and the passengers. After being damaged, unibody construction components can be repaired, if the manufacturer advises it is safe to do so. Our expert technicians research all OEM repair procedures to ensure that our repair plan follows all guidelines to warranty our structural repairs and deliver safe results.

Ladder Frame

The other vehicle frame, a "traditional" or ladder frame, is now used almost exclusively in the structure of trucks and some SUVs. The term ladder is used because of the two long parallel rails with perpendicular crossbeams that extend the length of the separate vehicle chassis. Because of its simplicity, the ladder frame is known for its strength and high resistance. Damage to a traditional frame requires experience, expertise, and knowledge of OEM-approved procedures to properly identify what repair methods are possible and safe -- whether it can be straightened, repaired, or if it is necessary to replace the frame entirely. At Showtime Collision, we are experienced in repairing both unibody and ladder frames and we always ensure that our repair plans involving any structural damage will meet manufacturer guidelines to keep you and your family safe. Come by the shop today to speak with our technicians about your vehicle frame repair.

Stellar Customer Service

Since 1986, we have been servicing the mountain communities of Running Springs, California, and the surrounding Inland Empire communities of Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, and Crestline, as the collision repair shop with exceptional customer service. We know collision repair comes on the heels of the stressful experience of being in an auto accident. We want our customers to feel taken care of while they are navigating the process of getting their vehicle repaired and back on the road. Our team of expert technicians discusses the vehicle damage with you and develops a repair plan that meets your needs and specific situation. We are an authorized Direct Repair Program (DRP) and work with most major insurance carriers and providers to process your claim. For your convenience, we have pick-up and drop-off services and even an Enterprise rental facility on-site! Visit us at 32049 Encina Way. When you come to Showtime Collision, our priority is to deliver the best customer service our team has to offer.