Suspension Repair in Running Springs, CA

Part of Every Collision Service — Showtime Collision

At Showtime Collision, we have seen vehicles in such bad shape they didn’t look like cars anymore. After an accident, everyone is glad to be okay, but once the dust settles it’s time to talk about repairs. Suspension repair is a common service after an accident because the suspension will have undergone great stress during even a low-speed impact. During normal driving, your suspension protects you from the bumps in the road, the jerkiness of maneuvers, and generally smooths your ride. During an accident, those delicate structures will have been damaged to the point of being completely ineffective. If you’re concerned about your suspension after an accident, call 909.867.7025 to speak with one of our technicians in Running Springs, California.

Restoring Comfort and Safety

Whether yours is a work car, the family van, or a performance vehicle, its suspension is what makes driving a pleasurable experience. Between the sway bar, the shocks and struts, and the coil springs, the whole system is designed to reduce the road's impact on the vehicle. Without suspension, we would feel each seam in the pavement, each pebble in the drive, but there is also a safety element as well. Smoothing out the ride gives the driver better control over the vehicle. Misaligned suspension can also affect the wheel alignment and cause the steering on your vehicle to drift, requiring more effort to drive a straight line. Overall, your suspension affects the comfort, safety, and ease with which you drive your car. At Showtime Collision, we know how important suspension is, and our factory-trained technicians will work with you to get your vehicle in road-ready condition again. Come by the shop today at32049 Encina Way for your collision repairs and service.

Customer Care and Talented Technicians

At Showtime Collision in Running Springs, California, our priority is to take care of our customers after they experience the stress and inconvenience of an accident or unexpected repair. Whatever services you need, from glass replacement to suspension repair, we want to take the stress off of your shoulders. We offer towing where possible, pick up and drop off services, and even have an Enterprise rental facility on-site! As an authorized Direct Repair Program (DRP) we will work with most major insurance companies to file your claim. Our technicians will keep you informed of your repair and let you know as soon as you are ready to get back on the road.