Collision Repair in Running Springs, CA

For Minor and Major Repairs — Showtime Collision

Whether your vehicle has a few scratches from normal wear and tear or was involved in a heavy collision and is barely recognizable, our priority is getting it back to road-ready condition. The skilled technicians at Showtime Collision have been restoring vehicles to pre-accident condition for over 30 years in the mountain community of Running Springs, California. From start to finish, we put our customers' safety and vehicle integrity first! Whether your repair is minor, major, or somewhere in between, we are the best candidate to perform safe, top-quality repairs and provide knockout customer service every step of the way. Let us show you the difference it makes when you choose an OEM Certified, family owned and operated facility! Swing by the shop today at 32049 Encina Way to see us and discuss your car’s unique collision service needs.

The Customer Experience

Let's face it: no one enjoys navigating the collision repair process. More often than not, it is directly on the heels of an accident, and you have more concerns than you can list! We understand that you want your vehicle returned back to pre-accident condition, using safe, OEM-approved repair practices, but you don't know quite how to get there. At Showtime Collision, we want to take the burden of collision service off of our customers and turn their initial situation into a positive, informative experience with our company. Our team of factory-trained technicians and estimating professionals will walk you through the repair process, answering any questions or concerns you may, ensuring you are well taken care of and well informed throughout the entire repair.

As an authorized Direct Repair Program (DRP), we work directly with most major insurance companies to help you with your claim. Even if we are not a DRP facility for the insurance handling your repairs, we work closely with your claims adjuster and insurance company to provide the same level of repairs and service, backed by our company Lifetime Guarantee. Our OEM-Certified repair professionals are the best candidates to provide you with friendly service and complete the safe, top-quality repairs necessary to get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

Avoid the Delay

After an accident, some vehicle owners postpone starting their collision repair experience due to scheduling difficulties, procrastination tendencies, or simply because they do not appear to be "THAT bad." At Showtime Collision, we tell our customers to set up their repair as soon as possible. After a collision, not all the damage is visible to the naked eye; some problems may not be apparent at first glance, but driving your damaged vehicle may be unsafe if certain SRS, ADAS, or structural damage is present and it may cause further damage by continuing to drive if for any given period of time. For the communities of Running Springs, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, and the surrounding Inland Empire, our number one priority is always that our customers -- and their families -- are safe in their vehicles. If you are driving around after a collision, the integrity of your vehicle body and frame may be affected and it's important to be looked into by a professional as soon as possible. A subsequent collision in an already damaged vehicle is more likely to result in bodily harm. Our skilled technicians are trained to identify weaknesses in your vehicle's safety and structure, and this is especially necessary after a collision. Call us today at 909.867.7025 to set up your collision repair appointment to avoid further damage and driving around in an unsafe vehicle.