Collision Repair in Running Springs, CA

For Minor and Major Repairs — Showtime Collision

Whether your vehicle made it out of the accident with only a few scratches, or you hardly recognize it, the priority is getting it back to road-ready condition. The skilled technicians at Showtime Collision have been helping drivers do just that for over 30 years in the mountain community of Running Springs, California. From start to finish, we put our customers first, and their repeat business tells us they appreciate it! Swing by the shop today at 32049 Encina Way to see us and discuss your car’s unique collision service needs.

The Customer Experience

Arranging collision repair is no one's idea of fun. More often than not, it is directly on the heels of an accident, and you have more concerns than you can list! At Showtime Collision, we want to take the burden of collision service off of our customers. We know you want your vehicle back to pre-accident condition, but you don't know how to get there. Our team of factory-trained technicians will walk you through the repair process. If the vehicle's issue isn't clear from the beginning, we will use our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to get a picture of what needs to be fixed. We'll discuss various repair options with you.

As an authorized Direct Repair Program (DRP), we work with most major insurance companies to help you with your claim. Our technicians will listen to your specific concerns about your vehicle's repairs. One of ours is making sure your vehicle body and frame's safety and integrity are restored post-accident. As an OEM Certified facility, we use factory-approved parts with the same equipment. We have trained with the techniques specific to your vehicle's make and model. Once completed to our own high standards, our team will have you back on the road in your restored vehicle.

Avoid the Delay

After an accident, some vehicle owners postpone the ordeal of collision repair until the dust settles from the actual accident itself. At Showtime Collision, we tell our customers to set up their repair as soon as possible. After a collision, not all the damage is visible to the naked eye. Some problems may not be bad enough at first, but driving your vehicle without repair will only cause further damage. For our Running Springs community, we want our customers to be safe in their vehicles. If you're driving around after a collision, the integrity of your vehicle body and frame are no longer as sound. Another collision to an already damaged vehicle is more likely to result in bodily harm. Our skilled technicians are trained to identify weaknesses in your vehicle's safety and structure, and this is especially necessary after a collision. Call us today at 909.867.7025 to set up your collision repair appointment to avoid further damage in the future.