Auto Glass Repair in Running Springs, CA

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Front or rear windshield, chip or crack, it doesn’t matter. Your eye is automatically drawn to the imperfection in the glass while you’re driving down the road. The distraction alone is a driving hazard. Larger cracks present the bigger problem of actually obstructing your view as well. At Showtime Collision in Running Springs, California, we specialize in auto glass repair because it is just that important of a service. Your ability to see the road is as important as your brakes or airbags.

Many drivers continue to drive with windshield damage despite the impaired vision. The main delay is not wanting to see the bill at the end of the repair. As an authorized Direct Repair Program (DRP) with most major insurance providers, we work with them to relieve you of that headache. If you need auto glass repair as the result of a collision or you see a chip that’s slowly spreading, call 909.867.7025 to make an appointment with our team.

Repair Vs. Replace

A common question we receive from our customers is whether their chip or crack requires a full windshield replacement, or if can just be repaired. The answer is different in every case, but our technicians put together a list of conditions for when it’s a small enough job for auto glass repair, or when it’s time to replace the whole piece.

A Repair May Be Best If:

  1. Fixing the damage will not reduce the safety of the car.
  2. The crack is less than 12 inches, or the bullseye chip is less than 1 inch.
  3. The only layer damaged is the outer layer.
  4. The crack or chip does not extend into the margin of the glass.

A Replacement May Be Best If:

  1. The driver’s visibility is impaired.
  2. The crack is longer than 12 inches or the bullseye is larger than 1 inch.
  3. Multiple layers of the glass have been damaged.
  4. The damage extends into the margins of the glass.

Let Us Help

There are also other factors to consider, such as the placement of the crack or chip. Is it directly in the driver’s line of sight, or is it in the upper part above the passenger seat? Is it close to the edge where the crack could compromise the seal of the glass? There may be further safety issues if the structure of the glass is compromised. The windshield might not offer the normal protection if there were to be a collision. At Showtime Collision, our technicians will discuss these concerns, make their recommendations for your vehicle, and decide on auto glass repair that works for you. Come by our shop today at 32049 Encina Way to see our technicians at work.