Our Facilities

Virtual Tour

Take our virtual tour through our state-of-the-art facilities, SHOW others our retro customer lounge, and see exactly where your vehicle will be safely stored and repaired during your collision experience.

Guest Lobby

Our guest lobby has been artfully designed to embody the passion, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that is invested into every repair. Filled with automotive furnishings and vintage decor built by Mark and his team over the years, it creates a remarkably enjoyable environment for every guest.

Shop Facilities

An immaculate, organized facility is crucial to producing high-quality collision repairs. Eliminating clutter and unnecessary tools increases efficiency and steady flow through the repair process from start to finish. Our team takes pride in maintaining exceptionally clean work areas guaranteed not to be found anywhere else in the industry.

In addition to exceptionally clean work areas, we also expanded to include an isolated OEM-required aluminum "clean room" that keeps aluminum and steel repairs separated to prevent corrosion and cross-contamination.

Designated Aluminum Clean Room, Hand Tools, and Welders

As vehicle technology rapidly advances, increasing the use of aluminum in many vehicle makes, our facility has expanded to include an isolated aluminum clean room. We have also added designated aluminum welders and hand tools in order to prevent galvanic corrosion from cross-contamination with traditional steel repairs. Required by many manufacturers in order to be OEM Certified, our company has the proper facilities and equipment, as well as Aluminum Welding Certified technicians to handle all types of aluminum repairs and replacements per OEM guidelines.

Hunter RX10 Scissor Lift for alignments

All collision-related alignments are performed on-site on this top-of-the-line alignment lift that allows for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Ravaglioli Computerized Alignment Machine

Specialized for collision-related alignments, this system projects a laser box around the vehicle to create a 3-D image. This 3-D image is then used to accurately measure the vehicle’s suspension geometry and ensure the vehicle is restored to pre-accident condition and specifications after an accident.

Autel ADAS Calibration and Diagnostics System

Through our trusted partner, Wreck Technologies LLC, we perform most ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) calibrations as well as all diagnostic scanning required without leaving our facility. Utilizing OEM software and top-of-the-line equipment, our facility can program, calibrate, aim, test, reset, and scan most makes and models without losing time and avoiding costly trips to the dealer. While most operations are completed within our facility, we have a rapport with all local dealerships if any ADAS operations are necessary that require a tow to and from their service department for completion.

Car-o-Liner Vision X3 Frame Measuring System

Measuring a vehicle’s structure is of the utmost importance to ensure there is no unibody or frame damage after an accident. Utilizing precise 3D measuring technology and a computerized database, this system uses a robotic like arm that slides on a track to accurately measure structural misalignments down to the millimeter and diagnose damage in order to develop a repair plan that restores the vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Pro-Spot i5 Smart Welder

The pro-spot i5 is on the cutting edge of squeeze type resistance spot welding technology. With liquid cooled tips, 1,243 pounds of electrode force and “auto-weld” technology. We are equipped to ensure that the vehicles we repair are safely and properly welded back together.

Pro-Spot SP-2

In today’s Collision repair industry, a standard MIG welder will no longer make the cut. We are dealing with highly advanced metals that require specific procedures and have strict heat limitations. If these parameters are not followed the integrity of the metal will be compromised, resulting in an unsafe repair. The pro spot SP-2 MIG welder is a synergic, pulse technology MIG welder. It has the ability to weld all types of steel, as well as use silicone bronze MIG brazing joining technology. Our I-CAR welding certified technicians are trained and properly equipped to repair your vehicle within it’s factory specifications

Nitrocell Plastic Welding System

Plastic use in vehicles is set to grow 75% by 2020. With the cost of some bumpers and headlights exceeding $2,000 each, it is imperative that we are equipped and trained to perform quality repairs on all plastic parts alike. The “Nitrocell” welder uses pure, heated nitrogen in order to melt the plastic and filler rod together. Nitrogen is utilized in order to eliminate oxidation which if introduced will result in a poor quality, weak weld.

Tire Mounting and Balancing Equipment

We have always been an anomaly as far as Tire mounting and balancing capabilities in the collision repair industry. We believe that having this equipment and ability in house allows us the opportunity to provide an even higher level of excellence in our collision repairs.

Hunter TC39: This feature rich tire mounting and balancing equipment is key in mounting tires on wheels of all types. It allows for a high level of efficiency and a quality end product.

Hunter RFE: The hunter Road Force Elite tire balancer is on the cutting edge of technology for tire mounting and balancing equipment and is sure to stay at the top of that list for years to come! This unit is approved AND required under many factory OEM certification programs. the Road Force Elite detects non-balance, radial-force related problems associated with tire uniformity, tire and rim runout, wheel to balancer mounting errors and improper seating of tire to rim.

This machine will not only allow us to balance tires to an exact specification, it will also allow us to test and distinguish whether the tire was damaged in the event of a collision.

Robinair and Snap-On Air Conditioning Service Equipment

Air conditioning service is a common procedure performed within collision repairs. Damage to various A/C components on the vehicle is common even in a minor collision. For this reason, we have made the investment in the finest air conditioning service equipment to date, including the new and specialized 1234YF refrigerant. Our EPA certified and highly trained technicians are ready and capable of servicing any air conditioning system.

PPG Computerized OEM Color-matching

Computerized and precisely-measured, our PPG mixing room is equipped with everything necessary to create the perfect color formula and match for every vehicle. Using only the highest quality PPG Envirobase line of paint, our expert refinish team is highly-trained in restoring your vehicle’s paint back to pre-accident condition.

Spraytech Premier Downdraft Spray Booth

With filtered fresh air flow and exhaust filters, the heated spray booth allows for OE-quality refinishes, no matter the weather conditions. Temperate-controlled conditions ensure clean refinishes year-round for all makes and models.