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Suppose the damage after a collision is exclusively on the bumper. In that case, many drivers question whether they should bother having the bumper repaired in a hurry, or at all. When the damage is more extensive, the bumper would be replaced without question, but for some reason, people tend to think of a bumper as purely cosmetic. In reality, the bumper offers more than a sleek edge to your vehicle's look. At Showtime Collision in Running Springs, California, our technicians want vehicle owners to know the importance of every repair we perform. We put together the top reasons that repairing your bumper is more than just for looks.


Large dents, bends, or breaks in the bumper compromise the structure as a whole. Your bumper is designed to withstand most low-speed collisions with absolutely no damage to your vehicle's other areas. If it has already had an impact that left it compromised, a new impact will have more damaging effects to the interior of your vehicle.


The protection offered by the bumper extends to the passengers within the vehicle as well. A solid bumper will absorb more force during an accident, reducing the potential harm to those inside. If the damaged bumper is hiding any damage to the car underneath, this may also mean your vehicle's standard safety features may not be as effective.

Future Insurance Claims

If you decline to repair your bumper, but there is structural damage that leaves it weaker, the insurance adjuster may decline future claims based on the pre-existing damage. A smaller repair now may save you the out of pocket costs later if your claim is declined. Showtime Collision works with most major insurance providers as an authorized Direct Repair Program (DRP).

Resale Value

While this repair would be for aesthetic reasons, it's also an investment in your vehicle's resale value. Keeping your vehicle in ready-to-sell condition increases both your enjoyment while you have it and the potential profit when you do sell.

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Especially during large repairs, we know customers want to reduce the number of unnecessary services. For 30 years, Showtime Collision has made customer service our priority. We won't recommend anything you don't need, but we will tell you that repairing your bumper is a priority. For your safety, your passengers, and our mountain community, we want your vehicle to be as safe as possible on the road. While we repair the bumper, we will check the vehicle for any further damage. Come by our shop today at 32049 Encina Way in Running Springs, California, to see our technicians under the hood.