Differences Between Metal and Plastic Bumpers

Everything to Know About Car Bumpers

One of the most visible changes between old and modern vehicles is bumpers. In the past, vintage vehicle bumpers were large components made of steel. At the same time, modern cars have smaller, slimmer bumpers that fit in with the panels and fenders of the vehicle.

When considering auto bumper repair, it’s crucial to understand the difference between the two materials and why plastic has mainly supplanted metal in automobile bumpers. Keep reading to learn more about the changes in car bumpers over the years, and contact Showtime Collision today if you’re looking for auto bumper repair in Running Springs, CA, that you can rely on.

Metal Bumpers

The first car bumpers were invented in 1901, consisting of metal beams mounted to the front and rear of the car to protect it in the event of a low-speed collision. Early metal bumpers were designed to protect expensive and delicate components such as headlights, taillights, hoods, exhaust, and cooling systems.

Metal bumpers are relatively durable but also costly to produce. They are likewise more prone to denting than plastic but are more difficult to repair simultaneously. Metal bumpers are now mostly found on antique cars and larger commercial vehicles like freight trucks.

Plastic Bumpers

Plastic bumpers have almost entirely replaced metal bumpers in modern vehicles and are mostly made of thermoplastic olefins, a mixture of plastic molecules, rubber, and a reinforcing filler like carbon fiber or calcium carbonate. This combination of ingredients produces scratch-resistant and impact-resistant plastic that bonds to various paints and finishes, making it perfect for vehicle bumpers.

Plastic is lighter and more aerodynamic than metal, resulting in increased fuel economy. Plastic is also safer than metal as a bumper material since it absorbs more of the impact during an accident.

Why Have Car Bumpers Changed?

There are two key reasons for the significant changes in car bumpers over the years:

1. Design Focus

Bumpers on older cars were designed to push, defend, and protect the vehicle’s body from damage. Today’s bumpers are built to absorb energy rather than push it.

2. Weight

Plastic bumpers have also replaced metal bumpers because plastic bumpers have aluminum tubes with styrofoam coverings and flexible fascia covering them. They are lighter than the original steel bumper.

Auto Bumper Repair You Can Trust

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Written by Showtime Collision