Choosing Subaru Collision Specialists: Why it Matters

If you have a vision problem, you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner for an eye exam and prescription for glasses, right? Naturally, we seek out specialists in almost every area of our lives to ensure that we receive the proper care, treatment, and services we need— the same principle applies to our vehicles when it comes to collision repairs. As a Subaru owner, a member of one of the fastest-growing vehicle brands in the United States, it is important to understand why you should not only choose a reputable body shop for your vehicle repairs in the event of an accident but one that qualifies as Subaru collision repair specialists as well. In order to protect your investment you have made in your vehicle and your family’s safety, it is up to you to do your research and choose a facility that has an area of expertise when it comes to all things Subaru.

When it comes to doing your research before choosing a shop, it might be difficult to identify how a collision repair facility qualifies as Subaru specialists. To be considered a specialist, it comes down to three crucial characteristics to look for when choosing your shop: having 24/7 access to and following OEM factory repair procedures, having extensive make/model repair experience, and maintaining a well-documented track record of repairs and customer testimonials. Continue reading to understand more about why each characteristic is necessary for your shop of choice to have to be considered Subaru specialists and the best candidate for your repairs.

OEM Repair Procedures

All manufacturers provide specific guidelines for every make and model that outline the approved methods for repairing and replacing vehicle components damaged in a collision. It would seem logical that all body shops follow these procedures for every repair they perform, unfortunately that is not always the case (a topic to be discussed on a different day.) While any reputable facility is assumed to follow safe repair protocols, Subaru Specialists ensure they always have access to, and follow, the guidelines provided by Subaru of America for every repair, without compromise. Subaru collision specialists, having 24/7 access to the factory repair procedures, only perform their repairs after consulting the guidelines for each make/model and area of damage. They do not rely on general repair procedures that may not qualify as safe for your vehicle that some other reputable facilities might do to save time and money. As the consumer, it is key that you investigate if your shop of choice has immediate access to these guidelines and uses them while repairing your Subaru. Discussing your repair plan and methods with your estimator after your initial estimate is complete will make it clear if they will complete your repairs properly, safeguarding your vehicle’s integrity and safety. Choosing specialists who are familiar with Subaru repair procedures is one way to ensure you receive safe repairs, but it always helps to know that the shop you are considering has adequate prior experience repairing all types of Subarus to know that their work can be relied upon.

Previous Repair Experience

As with any professional, you expect that they have ample experience within their expertise— Subaru collision specialists are no different. One of the fastest growing vehicle brands in the US, some areas have higher concentrations of Subaru owners than others for obvious reasons. For example, being in the mountains, requiring the need of AWD vehicles during snowy weather, Subarus are the #1 vehicle manufacturer that we repair at our facility. Having extensive experience repairing thousands of Subarus over the past 30+ years, our hands-on knowledge ensures that we are familiar with all models and have mastered the procedures necessary to perform the best quality repair available. It may not always be possible for a shop to have extensive prior experience with every make/model they repair but it certainly validates their abilities and makes you feel more comfortable having your repairs completed by their team.

Previous experience gives specialists a type of x-ray vision in that they are familiar with components and damage tendencies from collision impacts in specific areas of the car. Understanding basic trends from past repairs ensures that unknowns are minimized and all damage is assessed the first time without being overlooked due to unfamiliarity. With over three decades of experience, our team has evolved with the brand from the very beginning, staying on the leading edge of changing body styles, safety features, and Subaru-approved repair methods. Selecting a shop that is familiar and well-trained in one manufacturer is not always possible but if you can choose a facility that specializes in repairing your vehicle, it greatly helps in guaranteeing your repair process will go smoothly and result in safe, quality repairs you can depend on. While doing your research before choosing your shop, ask about their prior experience with your vehicle, or similar models within your manufacturer. The last key indicator to know you are choosing a reputable shop with Subaru collision specialists, is to see their track-record of previous repairs.

Well-Documented Track Record

The most visible, tangible way to confirm if a shop is comprised of Subaru collision specialists is by seeing examples of their past work. Having numerous, well-documented prior repairs from identical or similar models shows that a facility is experienced in all types of repairs for Subarus, like yours. Photos from before and after a repair, as well as during the repair process, all confirm that a shop has ample experience in repairing all types of damage, guaranteeing a safe repair on your vehicle as well. With social media readily available, access to Facebook and Instagram pages are the easiest avenue to find evidence of prior repairs; not being able to gain access to any photos of past work leaves a sense of uncertainty as to whether the shop you are considering can restore vehicles to pre-accident condition. Finally, your last step before choosing your shop should be further research into verified customer reviews for assurance you are making the best choice.

A visible track-record of quality repairs is only further validated with verified customer testimonials from other Subaru owners. Certain social review platforms such as Google and Yelp are great for seeing service and quality trends for a company but websites such as take it a step further; all reviews are verified from previous customers and you can see their vehicle make to sort out fellow Subaru owners with positive experiences and recommendations. The availability of legitimate reviews from previous Subaru owners repaired by the shop you are considering give you the last piece of assurance needed to know that you are choosing the right team for your repairs. At the end of the day, it takes research before you choose your repair shop to determine not only that you are selecting a reputable shop, but one staffed with Subaru specialists that will provide top-quality repairs and service you can depend on for years to come.

Choosing Subaru Specialists Matters to You and Your Family

In the event you get into an auto accident and must seek collision repairs, you want to choose a shop that is reputable across the board. If possible, choosing a shop that specializes in repairing your specific make/model will only further guarantee a top-notch experience from start to finish. When starting your research about your shop of choice, remember that choosing a collision repair facility that specializes in Subarus comes down to three different factors: identifying if they have access to and follow OEM repair procedures, confirming they have previous experience with identical and/or similar models, and verifying past customer experiences from fellow Subaru owners. Once all three of these characteristics are identified in your shop of choice, you can rest assured that you have made the best decision in guaranteeing you will receive nothing short of a high-quality collision repair experience.

If you have currently found yourself in need of collision repairs and Subaru expertise, we are confident that our Subaru repair team can provide you the specialized experience that you are seeking. Regardless of your location, we are prepared to get your repairs started and get you back out on the road as soon as possible. Contact our team today to discuss your options and coordinate your repairs, including arranging any necessary tows to or from our facility and/or a rental car provided by Enterprise on site. Knowing your vehicle is in the best hands with Subaru specialists like ours is well worth the extra drive and time— let us show you the difference.

Written by Showtime Collision