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Differences Between Metal and Plastic Bumpers

Everything to Know About Car Bumpers One of the most visible changes between old and modern vehicles is bumpers. In the past, vintage vehicle bumpers were large components made of steel. At the same time, modern cars have smaller, slimmer bumpers that fit in with the panels and fenders of the vehicle. When considering auto […]

The ABC’s of Collision Repair: What to do After an Accident

You’ve Been in a Collision – Now What? “A” is for accident, and unfortunately, you were just involved in one. What now? Actually, the best time to prepare for responding to a car crash is now, before it occurs. Learn the ABS’s of collision repair, committing them to your memory so that the steps you […]

Can You Explain My Car’s Suspension?

Car Suspension Systems Explained When your car has been involved in a collision, it’s important to check the suspension and make any needed repairs. It’s easy to see the cosmetic damage — scraped paint, dents, a flat tire, a hanging bumper — but what lurks underneath is just as important to address. You’ll feel more […]

Choosing Subaru Collision Specialists: Why it Matters

If you have a vision problem, you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner for an eye exam and prescription for glasses, right? Naturally, we seek out specialists in almost every area of our lives to ensure that we receive the proper care, treatment, and services we need— the same principle applies to our vehicles when […]